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Flitter Milz has represented consumers throughout the United States in matters involving unfair debt collection practices, unlawful vehicle repossessions, credit reporting privacy and accuracy issues, and abusive cell phone contact. Below are comments from various clients that we have been able to help.

We would be happy to hear from you to discuss your consumer protection concern.

I highly recommend these folks - they will help you and they will fight for you as well!  Extremely professional and friendly and they always follow up with you.

                                                                                                                            Al Reilly, New Jersey

Flitter Milz is the premier law firm for Consumer Law. The attorneys and staff are experts. They all treat you with dignity and respect. As a client, I have felt like family when I'm "in their care".  They explain everything in detail, which is so helpful as you're going through the legal process.

Listen to my experience. One Saturday morning at around 9 am, I received a call from Mr. Flitter.  As most of the world was probably asleep, Mr. Flitter discussed my matter and explained what was going on. All my questions were answered. At the end of the phone call, I felt a tremendous weight was lifted from my mind.

From the moment my husband and I met Mr. Flitter and his wife Nancy, we have only been pleased with their services.  Their law firm has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff are polite, kind and very courteous.  I would NEVER go anywhere else.  They will fight for your rights and WIN!

                                                                                                      Ms. Hall, Philadelphia, PA

I say Thank You to All at Flitter Milz!

To say the kindness of your staff is "above and beyond" would be an understatement. When we first called the firm we spoke to Jane. She was a lifesaver. Her soothing voice conveyed an understanding of our problem and provided reassurance that our concern would be understood by the attorneys.

Mr. Flitter made us feel like we were talking to our brother. He treated us with utmost respect. My husband and I were going through a very difficult and stressful time. Mr. Flitter helped us to focus on the issues related to our matter so that he could properly evaluate a legal path. What a kind and sensitive person he truly is.

I can not forget to mention Mr. Flitter's assistant, Joan. She was always pleasant and helpful in guiding me to take the steps outlined by Mr. Flitter.

Words can not express how grateful we are to have contacted Flitter Milz. Very, very good people!

Maria K. of Lancaster, PA

"I have been very pleased working with Flitter Milz. They are honest about everything and very helpful. They make me feel like family."

Pamela Butler of Philadelphia, PA

"Flitter Milz has not only obtained great results, they also provide excellent customer service. My wife and I have been very pleased to work with Flitter Milz. They have done a great job for us. They make us feel comfortable calling and explain the problem and steps that need to be taken. It's been a pleasure to work with this firm." 

Slava Sharpadskiy of Philadelphia, PA

"The staff at Flitter Milz makes me feel comfortable and takes time to explain the documents needed to review my problem. They’re good lawyers."

Brenda Brannam of Philadelphia, PA

"The staff at Flitter Milz takes time to explain the legal process in a way that is easy to understand. I would recommend them to anyone. They’re good, understandable lawyers."

Willie Jessie of Philadelphia, PA

"Every time I speak with someone at Flitter Milz, they are courteous and friendly. They’ve helped me tremendously and have won cases for me against debt collectors. I would recommend them to anyone!"

Peter S. of Bensalem, PA

"Flitter Milz has been great. They’ve gone above and beyond and leave no stone unturned. They have a terrific staff and have been great to work with."

Jack’s Rack of Philadelphia, PA

"I have been a client of Flitter Milz for over 10 years and it has been a pleasure. Many years ago I didn’t know that I had consumer rights against bill collectors. It has been a blessing to obtain so much knowledge from a firm that cares. Thank you so much!"

R. Perales of Philadelphia, PA

"I was very satisfied working with Flitter Milz. They understood my problem and explained the process of filing a lawsuit. Everyone at the firm was helpful. They made me feel that they were working for me, not just for money."

Talitha of Philadelphia, PA

"We would like to sincerely thank Flitter Milz for all that they have done to resolve our past and present concerns. Before meeting and speaking to the firm, our circumstances seemed bleak. Flitter Milz is a number one team and gets the job done. They should be proud of the work they do. Any time we have a question or know of someone who needs help, we always think of the team at Flitter Milz."

Ron & Jennifer K. of Springfield, PA

"Flitter Milz is an excellent law firm. We have been very happy with the help they’ve provided. Everyone we speak with is polite and friendly. They provide good information and make us feel confident that our problems will be resolved. We’ve recommended Flitter Milz to several people we know."

Marina Koulaeva & Victor Yakubets of Philadelphia, PA

"Flitter Milz is extremely professional. They explained how my consumer rights were violated in a way that was easy to understand. Cary, Andy and, Nancy have been great to work with. I feel they always have my best interest at heart. I think they get a lot of fulfillment from the work they do; it’s not for the money."

Denise of Philadelphia, PA

"Andy Milz is an awesome lawyer. He negotiated and fought for me and was easy to communicate with. The thing that is most impressive about Andy Milz is that he truly cares about you and fights for you from a sense of honor. The staff is very good at follow-up. They made me feel like a friend or part of the family, rather than a client." 

Evan D. of Narberth, PA

"Just like everyone who has had collectors calling and threatening them, I was in a panic. One of my friends recommended that I call Cary Flitter. At the very first phone call, my mind was put at ease. They took care of things and, just as important, they taught me about consumer laws. I feel empowered and no longer feel like a victim. Thank you Cary and Nancy for all you have done for me."

Marita Connelly of Hatboro, PA

"Until Cary Flitter took me on as a client, I never knew there was such a thing as a Consumer Rights attorney. I now understand my rights as a consumer, and am extremely thankful for having such great representation from an excellent attorney. Every conversation I have with Nancy Flitter, whether to obtain information or receive updates about my pending case, is as comforting and reassuring as my favorite blanket."

Andre’a B. of Philadelphia, PA

"Cary Flitter, Andy Milz, and the Flitter Milz staff have been wonderful to work with. They really fight for you and stand by you when you are being bombarded with collection calls or letters, or have a wrongful repossession. I really can’t say enough. Flitter Milz makes you feel like family. They truly show how much they care about each and every client."

Kody & Samantha Armentrout of Morgantown, PA

“I was impressed with the firm’s knowledge of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and their expertise in pursuit of a lawsuit that stopped the calls.”

Betsy B. of Warren County, NJ

“The experience and knowledge of Cary’s team of attorneys provided me with an assurance that the reporting errors would be corrected.”

Patrick S. of Cumberland County, NJ

"I would recommend anyone to Flitter Milz. I know their matter would be evaluated honestly and they would be treated with respect."

Kathres D. of Philadelphia County, PA

"Every member of the firm treated me as a valued client and handled my case as if I were a family member. I recommend that all victims of unfair debt collection practices call Flitter Milz."

Theresa W. of Montgomery County, PA

"I was treated with kindness, understanding, and respect. Flitter Milz knows the law and will fight for your rights."

Joanne D. of Montgomery County, PA

"I was a member of a class action lawsuit regarding the repossession of my vehicle. You will never be able to understand what you and your firm did for me. My family and I are so grateful, as it was a first step that opened up so many doors to happiness for us." 

Ed McD. of Philadelphia, PA

"The best part of working with Flitter Milz was the fact that the staff were personable, kind, and responsive at all times. The attorneys that I had the opportunity to work with went above and beyond."

Marie G. of Burlington County, NJ

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