Stop Robocalls to your Cell Phone

Are telemarketers, debt collectors or lenders contacting you at all hours of the day on your cell phone? You have the right to stop these unwanted calls.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was passed by the United States Congress to limit the use of automatic dialing systems, or robocalls, used by lenders, telemarketers and debt collectors as an inexpensive method to contact consumers.

Follow these steps to stop unwanted robocalls to your cell phone.

Write to Revoke Consent

Send a letter through Certified Mail, Return Receipt to the collection agency, bank, or telemarketer that is contacting you. Request that your number be removed from their call records and that calls stop immediately. Be sure to retain a copy of your letter for your records. 

Create a Call Log

If the calls continue, log the calls with date, time of day, caller ID, name of the caller or company, and any details of the message, text, or phone conversation. Make sure to retain all voice and text messages.

Gather your Cell Phone Records

Obtain your cell phone records covering the time period when you received calls on your cell phone.  Identify the caller’s phone numbers.

Seek Legal Help

Flitter Milz is a nationally recognized consumer protection law firm representing victims of unwanted robocalls. Contact us for an evaluation of whether your consumer rights have been violated.