Are You Getting Unwanted Calls on your Cell Phone?

Are telemarketers and debt collectors contacting you at all hours of the day? You may not know that you have rights and you can stop unwanted calls. If the calls continue after requesting they stop, or if you never gave permission to call you in the first place, you may be able to take legal action. Follow these steps if you’re receiving unwanted calls on your cell phone.

Revoke Consent

Send a letter through Certified Mail, Return Receipt to the collection agency, bank, or telemarketer that is contacting you. You can use this letter as a template. Be sure to retain a copy of this letter for your records. If you don’t have their street address, you can send a text message and email or tell them verbally. However, written communication is best.

Create a Call Log

If the calls continue, use this contact log to keep track of the call date, time of day, caller ID, name of the caller or company, and any details of the message, text, or phone conversation. Make sure to retain all voice and text messages.

Take Legal Action

If calls persist, seek legal help to evaluate if the unwanted calls are a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Gather your correspondence with the bank, debt collector, or telemarketer, your Certified Mail documents, and your contact log. Request phone records from your cell phone provider and review the records for the incoming calls. Have these documents evaluated by a consumer rights attorney.