Court Ruling: New Jersey Debt Collector Threatens Wage Garnishment

Hayt Hayt & Landau, a collection law firm with offices in Philadelphia, PA and Eatontown, NJ, was sued in 2016 for repeatedly garnishing bank accounts of an innocent consumer who bore a similar name to a relative who actually owed the money. Needless to say, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act states that it is unfair and deceptive to take these measures.

The law firm disagreed and filed a motion asking the federal judge in Trenton, NJ to dismiss the case. The Federal court held that this may well violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and denied the law firm’s motion to dismiss the case. This case will proceed against Hayt Hayt & Landau for violation of the FDCPA.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s 2016 Annual Report on the FDCPA, one of the most common complaints about debt collection received by the federal government agency is about continued attempts to collect a debt that the consumer reports is not owed.

If you have been sued or garnished over a debt you don’t owe, seek the help of a qualified consumer protection attorney. Collection agencies and law firm collectors must comply with consumer protection laws.