Fall Series for College Students & Young Adults

Consumers 101 Personal Finance Series: Fall 2017

The Personal Finance series will cover a variety of topics to help young adults navigate the challenges of our financial world. Whether it’s applying for a car or student loan, obtaining a credit card, or signing an apartment lease, you’re taking on the responsibility to abide by the terms of a contract.

Payments must be made in full and on time. There are consequences when a consumer defaults on the terms of a contract, such as vehicle repossession, negative credit report entries, loan denials, or collection contact, that can then impact various aspects of your life.

We’ll post ideas on how to avoid pitfalls like these on our blog and offer tips on how to build and maintain a good credit history and credit score.

Just as it’s important to develop good study habits while in school, young adults must establish good habits to manage their personal finances.   

Consumers 101 will post on Thursdays in September and October. 

Mark your calendars with the dates below. Contact us with any questions. There is no cost for an evaluation of your concern.