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Flitter Milz comments on vehicle repossession, unfair debt collection, credit reporting privacy and accuracy issues, and unwanted "robocalls" or texts to your cell phone. 

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Pencils Jul 27, 2016
Good grades are not just for students. Do you know how your credit grade stacks up? You may want to buy a car, refinance your mortgage loan, or simply need a loan to pay off existing obligations. If…
Person on laptop Jul 27, 2016
If a creditor assigns or sells your account to a collection agency, it is possible that the creditor and collection agency will list the same debt on your credit report. Multiple negative listings…
Beach Apr 28, 2015
As summer approaches, families and friends are busy making vacation plans to popular travel destinations. Most vacations go as planned, full of fun and sun. However, everyone has heard a vacation…
Beware Aug 29, 2014
When in debt, it's normal for instincts to take over and to look for easy ways to get out of a financial hole as quickly as possible. Sometimes people find themselves in the sticky situation of not…
Person taking notes Jun 05, 2014
As we go through life it is difficult not to incur debt. Whether it is from credit card bills, student loans, medical bills, or other financial obligations, debt can be a serious obstacle for…
Hospital May 21, 2014
Medical emergencies occur as we go through life. Often, health issues are unexpected and can end up costing thousands of dollars in medical bills. These large medical debts on your credit report can…
Car dashboard May 18, 2014
In its quarterly State of the Automotive Finance Market report, Experian Automotive says that vehicle repossession rates increased 43 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013, compared to the same…
Building and repairing credit Mar 11, 2014
Building and repairing credit is easier said than done. Whether you are building credit as a recent college graduate or repairing credit after some financial mishaps, the daunting nature of a credit…

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