Employment Screening Reports

Credit reports and a specialized type of report called an Employment Screening Report, Background Check, or Background Screening Report are being used by more employers and prospective employers when they review job applicants or current employees for promotions. Traditionally, they have been used in areas of commerce such as banking and financial services, government, or jobs that require a security clearance. With increasing frequency, these screening reports are also used by a variety of industries including trucking, nursing, and food and retail services.

These reports may include inaccurate information related to your work, medical or financial history, education, or criminal and public records. False information may result in a job or promotion denial, or the loss of a current job.

An employer must request your permission before they access your credit report or do a background check. If the employer hires a firm that prepares background reports, such as HireRight, Intelius, or CheckMate, special rules apply.

The employer must get your written permission to get the report and provide you with the proper disclosures. They also have to inform you that the report might be used in making a decision to hire you or not.

Employment screening report services are required to inform the job applicant of any negative information at the time it was reported to the employer. Many times, this information is not provided to the applicant until days, sometimes weeks, after the employer received the information. At that time, the job opportunity may have been lost.

Once the employer receives the report and determines not to hire, keep, or promote you because of information in the report, they must give you a copy of the report, along with contact information for the company that provided the report. If the reported information is inaccurate, you can send a written dispute to the company and request correction or removal.

If you have been denied or lost a job due to inaccurate information on an employment screening report, contact Flitter Milz immediately. We will evaluate whether an employer obtained a report without your permission or received negative reporting without contacting you.