Cary Flitter addressed a group of Philadelphia residents at the second workshop on consumer rights hosted by Mt. Airy USA. He spoke about the purpose of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the federal law that governs debt collection, and specific protections for consumers that become victim to abusive and deceptive collection tactics.  
Cary defined who debt collectors are. Sometimes consumers are contacted by collection agencies while other times they’re contacted by collection law firms or debt buyers. He explained the difference and how the movement of collection from creditor to collector can become confusing for consumers.
Cary also explained common violations of the law, such as threats of wage garnishment, misrepresented or miscalculated information, and unfair collection practices. He provided examples that resulted in lawsuits against the collector.  A lively question and answer session ensued, and Cary was able to provide informative steps for consumers to take when contacted by a collector.  
Mt. Airy USA, a nonprofit in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, provides financial counseling to individuals in various aspects of consumer credit.
The last in this series of workshops on consumer rights will be held on June 27 at 6pm at Mt. Airy USA on Germantown Avenue. This session will address “Understanding the Legal Process: From Debt, Default, Collection, Judgment and Credit Reporting.”
To register, contact Mr. Airy USA at 215-844-6021, Kimberly Henry at, or Dana Frisby at

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