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Federal Court Expertise

Highly regarded by the Bar
Flitter Milz is asked often to work with law firms from around the country.  Our attorneys act regularly as co-counsel or as local counsel, in individual or class action cases, in the federal courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

Respected by the Bench
Out of state firms, or local firms who practice mostly in state court, want a firm like Flitter Milz who is totally comfortable in the intricacies of local federal court practice.  Experienced lawyers know that this matters.

A proven track record.

Well-regarded in Pennsylvania
and New Jersey Courts.

  • Argued more than a dozen Third Circuit appeals.
  • Certified as class counsel in scores of cases.
  • Litigated hundreds of cases in district court.
  • Experienced trial counsel.
  • Over 100 reported federal court decisions.

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AMM CLF JLJ at conf table 8 2017

Pictured left to right: Andy Milz, Cary Flitter, Jody López-Jacobs

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Flitter Milz is often asked by lawyers in other disciplines to accept referrals. Frequently, the complex web of consumer law and regulations intersects with other practice areas and specialized expertise is required.

Credit Reporting - Repossession - Debt - Consumer Fraud

People in the middle of a divorce, recovering from an injury, or suffering from a job loss, illness are under tremendous stress. Often, the emotional stress coincides with the inability to pay the bills. And when payments are missed, collectors step in, cars are repossessed, and credit scores drop. The remedies provided in the state and federal consumer laws can offer relief for your clients -- without the need to file for bankruptcy.

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No cost legal representation.

Flitter Milz can take over a consumer law problem, at no cost to the consumer, and do affirmative plaintiff litigation -- not just play defense.  

Your clients always remain your clients when our case is over.  We have referral arrangements with law firms and legal aid offices all over.  Let us work for you, and your client.

  Linking Consumer Law 
  and Your Practice Area

Bankruptcy                Personal Injury 
Family & Divorce       Legal Aid 

Continuing Legal Education in
Federal Court Practice

9 2018 Meet the Federal Judges

Montgomery Bar Association Federal Courts Committee hosts "Meet the Judges".
Panelists (l-r): Gregory Voshell, Esq., Mary Pugh, Esq., Hon. Juan R. Sánchez , Hon. Mark A. Kearney, Cary L. Flitter, Esq.,
Hon. William H. Yohn.

CLFHSCary Flitter has served as chair of the federal court practice committee of the Montgomery Bar Association for 17 of the past 20 years.  He has been before every sitting judge, has presented CLE programs on federal practice with many of the district court judges, and teaches federal civil procedure as part of the consumer law curriculum at Widener University-Delaware Law School and Temple University Beasley School of Law. Our class action lawsuits have designated over $2M in cy pres funds to Legal Aid Programs.

Andy  headshot 2016 v2 ResizedImageAndy Milz maintains a federal court practice regionally and nationally. He has had multiple jury trials in federal court, and regularly presents CLEs on a variety of federal statutes.

JLJHeadshot2Jody López-Jacobs of the firm served as editor of the Temple Law Review and as a law clerk to Hon. Mark A. Kearney, United States District Judge, Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  

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Consumer Law Solutions

Whether you wish to refer a matter or ask us to co-counsel, we welcome your questions about consumer law.  The opportunity to provide a consumer law solution to your client's problems may open an avenue for additional relief in their time of need.

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