Victim of Solar Sales Fraud? Now What?

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Attorney Andy Milz understands consumer fraud
and knows how to protect your rights against a
deceptive solar panel sales company.

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Don't become victim to a Solar Panel company's deceptive practices

Take the following steps.

  • Demand a copy of all documents and read the terms of the deal in paper form before committing to anything.
  • Be cautious about providing your signature or initials on an iPad, tablet or other document.
  • Do not allow access to your credit report unless you understand the risks and are applying for credit.
  • Do not be pressured.  Any discount, rebate or credit will usually be there next month.
  • Get all promises in writing before you sign anything.

Door-to-Door Solar Panel Sales Scams

Consumers Beware:
Dozens of lawsuits and three states' Attorneys General have charged Vivint Solar and other solar panel sales firms with deceptive sales practices, forged customer signatures, false promises, or illegal use of consumer credit reports.

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First, the Sales Pitch.

One day a door-to-door salesman visits your home. Friendly enough and confident, he drops the name of one or two neighbors and keeps you engaged in conversation. He tells you the panels are free and you’ll save money by lowering your electric bills. He may use an iPad or tablet to present the advantages of solar power for your home.  

To proceed with an evaluation for solar panels for you, he may ask to: 
  • See your energy bills to assess your energy usage 
  • Inspect your heating system
  • Examine the condition of your roof 

Next, the Fraud. Out comes the iPad.

Consumers must be cautious. Your signature or initials on an iPad or tablet could be affixed to a contract or other forms that you did not intend. Before signing anything, insist on a paper copy of every document in advance. Do not be pressured in to same day signing. If you do not understand the terms, do not sign anything and consult an attorney.

The Dangers of
E-Signing Documents

Signing an iPad or tablet may seem easy.  It makes the sales process appear seamless.  The salesman may lead you to believe that whatever you see on a screen can easily be emailed to you.

Before signing anything, insist on a paper copy of every document to review.

Do not accept the promise that the salesperson will send or email electronic documents to you. You may not receive them until it’s too late. Or, the electronic document may have a waiver of rights clause buried in it that you cannot see when you sign. 

Common risks of E-signing documents:

  • Deception: Being  misled to believe you are signing for an evaluation or estimate for solar power, not a long term contract and a credit pull. 
  • Forgery: Insertion of your signature or initials on a document that you never saw.
  • Fraud: Placement of a signature or initials on a document that was altered after it was signed, or placed onto a different document from what you were told you were approving.
  • Sales Pressure: Signing immediately may not allow a full examination of documents.


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Tip for E-Signing documents: We suggest you place the date right next to your signature on everything you sign, as in "D.L. Wilson 7/13/20".  Regardless of whether a date appears anywhere else on the screen or document, adding the date right next to your signature makes it harder for a crooked business to transplant your signature onto a different document.


Federal Courts Rule on Vivint Solar's Deceptive Practices 

New Jersey: Vivint Solar to face trial for ID Theft and Credit Report Fraud
Florida: Consumer complaints against Vivint Solar & Solar Mosaic can come to light in FCRA trial
Maryland: Vivint Solar must turn over trove of consumer complaints
California: ID Theft, fraud and credit reporting Act cases are proceeding in state court in San Diego and Alameda counties.

Keep Your Credit Report
Out of the Wrong Hands.

The solar salesman will say anything to get your credit report.

Your credit report is the key to consumer fraud. It is a record of your financial history and includes personal information listing all of your open credit accounts, payment history, balances, charge-offs, collections and public records.   

Has a solar panel sales company has obtained your credit report without your knowledge or under false pretenses?  CONTACT FLITTER MILZ today.

The Law: Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is the federal law that promotes the accuracy, fairness and privacy of information in the files of consumer reporting agencies. Credit reports may only be disclosed or obtained for a permissible purpose, usually to consider an application for credit or for employment purposes, or with the consumer's permission.


 “The solar panel salesman said he wanted to inspect our roof.  Then, we found our credit reports had been pulled – without our consent!  We called Flitter Milz to step in.” 



Write to Transunion, Experian and Equifax
to Obtain your Credit Reports

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