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My Car Was Repossessed. What Should I Do?

 Vehicle repossessions are very upsetting.  In an instant, your life can come to a hault.  You can't get to work, get your kids to school, or keep your appointments. Once you've discovered that your vehicle is missing, there are steps to take.

1)  Determine whether your vehicle was repossessed or stolen.  

  • Call the lender or local police department to confirm that the vehicle was repossessed and not stolen. Before a repo agent takes a vehicle, the local police are to be informed of the pending repossession. Ask for details, such as which repossession company took your vehicle and when.

2)  You should gather all paperwork related to the vehicle, from purchase and loan documents to payment records and correspondence from the lender.

3)  Be cautious of any documents you are told to sign.  For example, do not sign any waiver or release agreement to get your vehicle back. Signing a waiver could negate any legal claim for wrongful actions by the lender. The law does not require you to sign documents to retrieve your vehicle, even if the repo agent or storage yard asks for one.

4) Get Help from a qualified Consumer Protection Law Firm

  • Contact Flitter Milz for an evaluation of your consumer rights.  Our firm has helped hundreds of people that were victims of a lenders improper repossession tactics.