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Can collectors call me at work?

Collectors may call you at work if you give them permission. If your employer does not allow you to take personal calls at work, you must inform the collector to stop calling during work hours. Inform the collector when you would be able to discuss the debt and provide the collector with the best number for you to be reached.  

It may be necessary to write the collector and request the calls stop to your place of employment. Keep a log of all collection contact by noting the date, time of day, name of collector, caller ID, and details of any message or conversation.

If your boss or co-worker receives a collection call asking for you, the law dictates how the collector must act when communicating with this person.  The collector is prohibited from giving out information pertaining to the debt.  If you find that a collector has provided details about your debt, you should request a written statement from your boss or co-worker that details the contact. Be sure that the date, time of day, name of collector, caller ID and details of the conversation are noted.  Contact Flitter Milz  for a legal review of whether the collector's contact was in violation to your consumer rights.