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Can collectors contact me after I've hired an attorney?

After engaging an attorney to assist with your debt, any collection agency or collection law firm that is contacting you should be informed that you have legal representation. You may want to send the collector a letter and state clearly that you have engaged an attorney to represent your interests.  Your letter should specify the account(s) that the attorney will handle for you, and provide your attorney's name and complete contact information.  Send your letter to the collector by a traceable means, such as Certified Mail, Return Receipt, so that you have proof of delivery.

Once the collector has been notified that you have legal representation, they are no longer permitted to contact you. If you continue to receive collection calls or letters from the collector, your consumer rights may have been violated under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  You should contact Flitter Milz to discuss whether the collector has violated your rights and if you have a case to pursue against the collector.