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How Can I Stop Unwanted Calls And Texts My Cell Phone

Many consumers are unaware that they have the right to stop unwanted calls and texts. Although the cell phone number may have appeared on an application for credit, or perhaps a student loan with Sallie Mae or Navient, the consumer has the right to revoke consent for calls placed to their cell phone.

Send a letter through Certified Mail, Return Receipt to the bank, collection agency, or telemarketer. Retain a copy of this letter for your records.  

If the calls continue after telling them to stop, create a call log and document the calls by noting the date, time of day, name of caller, caller ID, and details of any conversation or phone message.

These calls could be a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The TCPA permits consumers to recover $500 - $1500 for each call placed to their cell phone after requesting the calls stop.

Contact Flitter Milz to discuss the calls received and whether there may be a violation of your consumer rights.

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