Respected. Experienced. Knowledgeable.

Cary Flitter is a highly respected expert in consumer law. Many of his cases have broken new ground, helping to shape the law itself and set the precedent for future decisions. Media outlets ranging from Time magazine to FOX News have sought Cary’s legal input.

Andy Milz was raised in a union household in Northeastern Pennsylvania, where he was taught by his parents' example to never stop pursuing economic fairness and social justice. He has dedicated his career as a trial lawyer to fighting for American consumers and workers who have been victimized by corporate greed.

Born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Jody Thomas López-Jacobs grew up in a diverse household that stressed the importance of social and economic justice for all. After working his way through high school and college, Mr. López-Jacobs joined an employment law firm where he helped workers fight for unpaid wages, safe work conditions, and equal treatment on the job.

Contributing Authors to Consumer Law Publications

Law Books
Professor Flitter and Mr. Milz help write the books on consumer law. These texts assist practitioners around the country with consumer law issues.

Consumer Class Action

This text assists the federal courts and practitioners in 50 states to navigate consumer class action suits.  

Penna Consumer Law 

This is the leading treatise dedicated to consumer law issues in Pennsylvania including repossessions and consumer fraud.  

Fair Debt Collection: FDCPA, TCPA and Beyond

This text provides the latest developments for consumer and bankruptcy lawyers to assist their clients. 

A Primer on the Fair Credit Reporting Act

This text assists general practitioners and lawyers new to consumer law in understanding the requirements and benefits of the federal credit reporting laws.  

Consumer Law Pleadings

Consumer Law Pleadings collects various court pleadings, including those of Flitter Milz, that have proven successful for consumers in courts throughout the United States.