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What are common Credit Reporting Errors?

Credit report errors happen for a number of reasons.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides protections for consumers that have become victim of these common errors.

  • Identity errors
    • Wrong name, address, and/or social security number
    • Someone else's information or a mis-merged file 
    • Accounts resulting from identity theft 
  • Inaccurate data entries
  • Account information errors - incorrect payment history or balance 
  • Account status - closed accounts reported as open, incorrect payment dates, delinquencies

Be sure to dispute credit report errors to ensure that all inaccurate information is corrected.  

Helpful Tips

Be sure to dispute credit report errors to ensure that all inaccurate information is corrected. The following tips will help consumers address problems that arise from inaccurate credit reporting are:

1)    Request a credit report from each bureau, Transunion, Experian and Equifax,
        every twelve months.
2)    Request your credit reports directly from the bureaus by writing for the reports.
3)    Review your reports for large and small errors.
4)    Send a written dispute to the bureau through the US Mail.
5)    Send disputes for individual items to the bureaus.  Do not send one letter disputing
        several items.
6)    Keep your dispute simple.  State the problem.  Provide documents that illustrate the
        problem. State how you would like the problem resolved.
7)    Always provide supporting documents that show why the listing is inaccurate.
8)    Send your dispute by Certified Mail, Return Receipt.  The bureaus have 30 days to
        address your dispute.  You need to know when your dispute letter was received.
9)    Keep a copy of the complete dispute you send to the bureau - your dispute letter;
        supporting documentation; mailing receipts 
10) If the bureaus do not correct the error, dispute again.

Seek Legal Help

Flitter Milz is a consumer protection law firm that represents consumers that have experienced errors or privacy violations with their credit reports.  Contact Us for a free consultation and review of credit reporting errors.