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Can collectors speak with someone else about my debt?

Third Party Contact

Collectors are not allowed to speak with anyone other than you about your debt. They may end up contacting relatives, neighbors, co-workers or friends only in an attempt to locate you.  If they make contact, they are not to discuss any details about your debt, such as the name of the creditor, amounts owed or payment history.   The collector could be violating your consumer rights if any of these details are discussed.  

Documentation of Third Party Contact

If a collector has shared details about your debt with someone, you must document the contact by noting the date, time of day, name of the collector and company, Caller ID and details of the phone conversation or message.  You may request that the call recipient write a Third Party Statement, which details the call received. 

Free Legal Help

If a collector has spoken with someone about your debt, contact Flitter Milz for a free legal evaluation.  Our attorneys will need you to provide a third party statement, or any notes concerning the collection contact, to evaluate a potential  violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.