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Midland Credit Management

Have you received collection contact from Midland Credit Management or Midland Funding?

Whether you owe the debt or not, you may be able to take legal action against the collector for placing harassing or threatening phone calls, sending letters that misrepresent the debt, placing calls to family members, neighbors, co-workers or friends about your debt, or inaccurately credit reporting the debt.

Collectors must follow the law when they contact a consumer about personal and household debt, such as credit cards, medical or utility bills, or personal loans.  If they overstep their bounds, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) offers protections to consumers from the collector's abusive collection tactics.  Under the law, consumers can recover up to $1000 for violations of the FDCPA, and $500 to $1500 by receiving robocalls to their cellphone, a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Flitter Milz can help.  Our firm is a consumer protection law firm that represents consumers who have been abused by collection phone calls or letters sent from Midland Credit Management.  Contact Us today for a free legal evaluation to determine whether your rights have been violated. 

Midland Funding is one of the nation’s largest buyers of unpaid debt. Many credit cards, banks, or retailers will sell delinquent accounts that have gone at least 180 days without making a payment to companies like Midland Funding. Midland Credit Management (MCM) services accounts by handling collection for Midland Funding. 

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