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Could your consumer concern be pursued as a class action?

Class action lawsuits are ideal for many types of consumer law claims against lenders, debt collectors, credit bureaus, and other businesses. These cases occur when business violations affect a large group of people. Instead of many individual cases, a class action lawsuit seeks justice for an entire group of consumers who experienced the same type of violation. For example, if a debt collector overcharges hundreds of consumers, or a vehicle lender's repossession practices are improper across the board, a class action may be warranted. In almost all cases, class action lawsuits are pursued at no cost to the consumer. 

Review our list of Noteworthy Cases for class actions pursued by Flitter Milz. We have brought groundbreaking cases, often involving rights other firms may not recognize, in vehicle repossessions, debt collection practices, consumer lending and leasing, and other areas. Contact us today to evaluate whether your concern is appropriate to pursue as a class action. Hundreds of other consumers, and their attorneys, have.

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