Are you a Victim of a Solar Panel Scam?

Were you visited by a solar panel salesman, only to find that your credit report was pulled without your permission? Were you put in to a forged contract for solar energy?  If so, you may be the victim of a solar energy scam and your consumer rights may have been violated.

Door-to-door solar power sales is high pressure.  Solar panel salesmen are usually trained to engage unsuspecting homeowners in conversation and employ tactics to sell items that they may not be ready to buy.

Fraudulent Sales Tactics

Often, the consumer may be misled in to believing that the salesman works for his or her electric company.  During the sales pitch, the consumer may be asked to allow an inspection of the roof for a “roof survey”, or told that a review of energy bills is required.  The salesman may try to convince the consumer that energy costs will be lowered because solar energy is free, and with the installation of solar panels the consumer will make money.

Signing an iPad without seeing the Contract

To gain access to your property, the salesman may request your signature on a tablet or iPad.  Your signature may be used to commit you to a long term contract.  Or, unknowingly, your signature may provide permission for the solar panel company to obtain a copy of your credit report.

Credit Reports Obtained without Consent

The law requires that a company have a permissible purpose to obtain your credit report.  A consumer that seeks credit will be asked for permission to have his or her credit file reviewed.

Unless the consumer provides written consent for access to his or her credit file, the company is not permitted to obtain a copy of the credit report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, offers protections to consumers whose reports were pulled without permission.

Whether a salesman comes to your door to sell solar panels or another product, the consumer must knowingly provide permission for credit reports to be pulled.  Obtaining access to credit reports under false pretenses could be a violation to your consumer rights.

Free Legal Evaluation for Solar Panel Fraud Victims

Flitter Milz is a nationally recognized consumer protection law firm that has pursued matters for consumers around the country against solar panel companies fraudulent sales tactics.  Whether a solar panel company has forged your signature, wasn’t upfront about the terms of its contract, or obtained your credit report without permission, we can provide a legal evaluation of your matter at no cost.  Contact us today to learn more.

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