What if I never Got a Contract or my Notice of Right to Cancel?

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These days, a lot of alarm systems, pest control services, or solar panel systems are sold by door-to-door salesmen who may knock on your door out of the blue.  They may talk fast, and confidently, offer you a deal that sounds too good to be true.  Often it is. 

The Danger of E-signing Documents

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Door-to-door sales, particularly in the booming solar industry, have gone almost completely “paperless.”  Nearly all contracts and disclosures are completed today on iPads or other handheld devices.  This has led to abuse.  Salesmen show only select portions of electronic agreements, while hiding the fine print containing important and costly terms.  Sometimes, consumers only see a signature line, never learning a contract even exists, until it’s too late.

The Right to Cancel

Cooling Off Period Reviewing Contract PapersThe law has been slow to keep up with these changes in technology.  However, consumers still have a right to take a “cooling off period” to review contract documents and to cancel the deal if they are not satisfied.  The Federal Trade Commission’s “Cooling-Off Rule” mandates that a seller tell you about your right to cancel at the time of sale in the form of two copies of a cancellation notice explaining how to cancel.  If you don’t get notice of your right to cancel in a proper and timely manner, that may extend your right to cancel beyond three days.  A lot of state laws follow this federal rule.

Combating a Fraudulent Sale

We have noticed that when the solar salesman hides a contract from the consumer – by faking an email address or otherwise concealing electronic documents, or by refusing to provide a paper contract upon receipt – the disclosure of the right to cancel is never effectively provided to the consumer in violation of the law.  Never getting notice of the right to cancel may allow the consumer to cancel beyond the three days and may provide the consumer with a claim for money damages.  This can be an important tool in combating a fraudulent sale.

Seek Legal Help

If you never got your contract, or if there’s a bogus email on your electronic contract, or if there’s a forged signature on your contract, we want to hear your story.

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