Your car or truck was wrongfully repossessed. You might feel powerless, but we will fight for you against unlawful vehicle repossession in court.

Auto repossession affects all aspects of your life. You can’t get to work, take your kids to school, or care for sick loved ones. Find out how to get your life back.

If you think your vehicle is at risk of repossession, follow these steps:

  •  Remove all car purchase and loan documents from your vehicle.
  •  Request a Loan Payment History from the lender.
  •  Photograph the interior and exterior condition of your vehicle.
  •  Note the mileage on your vehicle.
  •  Do not hide your vehicle.
  •  Secure any agreement to defer or avoid repossession IN WRITING from the lender.

Whether you were behind on payments or not, the bank or credit union has to follow clear rules of law in repossessing a vehicle. Sometimes lenders do not and illegally repossess vehicles, which can then be taken to court.  If your car, truck, motorcycle, recreational vehicle or boat was repossessed - even if it was several years ago - contact Flitter Milz for a no-cost consultation.  We will be glad to address your questions and evaluate whether your consumer rights have been violated during the vehicle repossession process.

Flitter Milz is a law firm that protects consumers from wrongful vehicle repossession by problem lenders in Philadelphia, as well as throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our experienced vehicle repossession attorneys work to ensure you get the best settlement possible for your repossessed car, truck, motorcycle, recreational vehicle or boat at no cost to you.

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