You can fight back against unlawful vehicle repossession

Flitter Milz represents consumers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New

If your vehicle was repossessed in the last 6 years, there are consumer laws that protect you, even if you were behind on payments

Banks and lenders have to follow clear laws during vehicle repossessions. These laws determine how and when they can initiate a repossession, what notices they need to provide, and how auctions or private sales must be handled. 

Not all repossessions are handled legally

If any of these laws were overlooked during or after the repossession of your vehicle, you may be able to take legal action against the lender or repossession agent, and they’ll be responsible for your legal fees.

Flitter Milz is a consumer protection law firm that protects consumers from wrongful vehicle repossession by problem lenders. Our knowledgeable lawyers will review the details of your car repossession and determine if the finance company and repossessor acted lawfully, and if you can take legal action.

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