You deserve a credit report that accurately reflects your credit history

Your credit report affects many things in your life, like your ability to secure a loan, apply for a mortgage, and get approval for new credit. It's important that all of the information listed is accurate.

You're protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Congress passed The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to protect consumers like you from unauthorized credit report inquiries and false information.

The FCRA protects you from certain credit report listings, like inaccurate or incomplete information, duplicate listings for the same debt, unfamiliar accounts that you didn't open, and outdated information. 

You can dispute credit report errors

We can help you dispute credit report errors and prevent future errors, all at no cost. Take the necessary steps to clean up your credit to get the accurate report you deserve.

Contact us today for an evaluationIt's free, and we'll help you get on the path to better credit.

Are you a class member in an FCRA class action lawsuit? Contact Flitter Milz to discuss your rights.

Check your mailbox for a class action notice.  If you received a notice for a class action, contact our office to discuss your options.  We can explain the nature of the lawsuit and help evaluate whether your consumer rights have been violated.  You may want to OPT OUT of the class action to preserve your individual rights.

If you received a notice for the lawsuit below, click the link below for more information.  Contact us to discuss your options. The deadline to act is approaching.