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Flitter Milz comments on vehicle repossession, unfair debt collection, credit reporting privacy and accuracy issues, and unwanted "robocalls" or texts to your cell phone. 

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Credit card Jun 22, 2017
Credit cards are useful for a number of reasons. They’re convenient when you don’t have cash on hand, and some cards carry perks like cash back or travel savings. However, you should avoid using…
Report Jun 19, 2017
A recent study by NerdWallet found that 12% of Americans have never checked their credit report. Many Americans also aren’t aware of all the ways in which their credit affects their lives. Many…
Next Lawyer Up Podcast Jun 15, 2017
Next Lawyer Up: Podcast featuring Cary Flitter Cary Flitter was recently interviewed on Next Lawyer Up, a podcast that features discussions with consumer lawyers across the country. Led by Ron…
Cell Phone Jun 12, 2017
As technology becomes more advanced, so do robocalling tactics. Consumers have been reporting an increase in unwanted calls to cell phones, and a number of news outlets have reported that the Do Not…
Emergency Jun 08, 2017
Unfortunately, emergencies happen to all of us. Maybe your pet is suddenly sick and you have to pay an expensive vet bill, or you get into a fender bender and need to get your car fixed. Emergencies…
Stop sign Jun 05, 2017
When friends or relatives can’t secure a loan on their own, they may ask you to help by co-signing. A cosigner is often required for someone to secure a loan if they have poor credit history, or a…
College grads Jun 01, 2017
Graduating from college is a huge achievement. It means you’re done with studying, exams, and essays. But it also means you have to be more responsible with your finances and make sure to maintain…
Stressed out woman May 30, 2017
Just when you think you're getting your finances in order and want to apply for a new line of credit, a vehicle repossession from long ago can come back to bite you. What happens after your vehicle…
Credit card May 25, 2017
According to the 2016 American Household Credit Card Debt Study by NerdWallet, the average household has $134,643 in debt. Debt has continued to increase as cost of living increases. Many Americans…
Lock and key May 18, 2017
Who knows my social security number? Identity theft is more common than you may think. Sometimes the criminal is someone you know. It could be a family member, co-worker, or friend. But other times…

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