Are You the Victim of a Wrongful Auto Repossession?

Auto repossessionWrongful Auto Repossessions

Auto Repossessions never occur at a convenient time. Without warning, the repo agent may come to take your vehicle. You may be at home, work, out shopping, or visiting family or friends. Even if you anticipated the auto repossession, losing your transportation is frightening.

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Can I Be Sued for Not Paying My Car Loan?

Loan Lawsuit with car repossession

The continuing rise in auto loan debt is placing many consumers in a financially vulnerable position, particularly during the current economic downturn. What if you are unable to pay your car loan? Can this lead to a lawsuit? Knowing the process of repossession can both lessen your stress and help you decide the best course of action.

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What Are the Laws Governing Motorcycle Repossession?

Motorcycle on the road

When banks record an increase in credit losses and delinquencies, often there is an uptick in repossessions.  These indicators not only reflect repossessions of cars and trucks, but also pleasure vehicles, such as RVs, boats and motorcycles.

Fortunately for consumers, the laws that protect victims of car and truck repossessions, also apply to motorcycles, RVs and boats.

If you’ve fallen behind on your loan payments and are worried that your motorcycle, or other vehicle, is in danger of repossession, here’s what you need to know.

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What Notices Must My Lender Have to Provide After Repossession?

Car repossession

As we’ve written before, consumers dealing with car repossession still have certain rights, regardless of how behind they might be on their payments.

For example, you have the right to be kept safe from an aggressive or abusive repo agent. They can’t break into your garage, damage your property or vehicle, or threaten you with physical harm.

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How Do I Get My Repossessed Car Back in Pennsylvania?

Vehicle repossession is inconvenient and worrisome, but it is possible to get your car back.  After the repossession agent comes, the lender is to send the borrower a repossession notice, frequently called a Notice of Intent to Sell Property.  This notice will inform the borrower of terms to get the vehicle back.  Sometimes the lender will demand a full loan payoff, while other times, past due payments may be accepted.  This notice informs the borrower of the vehicle’s location, the cost of repossession and any storage charges.  The borrower usually has 30 days to arrange for retrieval of any personal property from the repo lot.

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How to Avoid a Bank Repossession After Purchasing a Car

The decision to purchase a new car is exciting. Vehicles provide independence and mobility. Whether you’re purchasing a car for the first time or not, having the means to drive is liberating. You can go anywhere, whenever you like.

Buying a vehicle that suits your needs and your budget can be a challenge. Often, the vehicle that we would like to drive may not be the vehicle we can affordBefore going to the dealership, take some time to shop around for a vehicle as well as the credit you’ll use to purchase the vehicle. You want to make a purchase with financial terms that are right for you.

Auto Loan Default

Bank repos occur when the borrower does not meet the terms of a signed loan agreement. If the borrower defaults, the bank, credit union, or lending institution can take the vehicle back at any time. Repossessions often take place when a borrower:

Car Repossession

Once your vehicle has been repossessed, the bank is required to provide you with a notice detailing terms to retrieve your vehicle. If you are not able to meet those terms, the bank may sell your vehicle at a private sale or auction.

After the sale, the bank will send a notice to confirm the amount of the sale. That amount will be deducted from any balance owed on the loan. If there is a deficient balance, the bank will inform the borrower of that amount and take steps to collect.

Avoid Bank Repo

Always shop around and consider your options before your buy a new vehicle. Be sure to choose a car that you’re confident you can afford. Get all the details of your car loan agreement in writing and ensure that you’re aware of the terms of the agreement. Always pay in full and on time to avoid default.

If you think your vehicle may be repossessed, follow these steps.

Seek Legal Help

Flitter Milz is knowledgeable about the laws governing repossessions of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and RVs.  If your vehicle has been repossessed, Contact Us.  We will review the details of your case at no cost and evaluate whether your consumer rights were violated.