Calls and letters from debt collectors are intimidating.

You’ve fallen behind on payments. There’s an error on your account. Debt collectors begin to call or send collection letters.  

They may threaten you with a lawsuit, bank attachment, or wage garnishment. They may contact relatives, neighbors, or co-workers. They may state misleading or false information about the debt they claim to be owed. All of these actions may be illegal.

We can help.

Whether you owe the debt or not, collectors must follow the law. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is the federal law which governs consumer debt collectors. If a collection agency or law firm collector violates the law, you can sue the collector at NO COST. The collector will be responsible for paying your legal bill.

Flitter Milz knows the FDCPA and is experienced in pursuing matters against debt collectors and collection law firms. If you have received collection calls or letters, contact us. There is no cost to evaluate whether the collector has violated the law. We are prepared to take legal action to enforce your consumer rights.

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